Use Viewing Loops To Increase YouTube Views Metrics In 2023
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Use Viewing Loops To Increase YouTube Views Metrics

For the YouTube algorithm, viewing statistics like watch times and average views per user are very crucial.

These measurements are used by YouTube to assess how successfully your channel can increase YouTube views on the site.

Watch time has been YT’s top performance metric since 2012. Their preferred method of determining how long someone has been on the platform is this!

It states on YouTube:

“You gain from your content when it encourages viewers to watch videos for longer periods of time throughout all of YouTube, not just on your channel.

Each video that is posted as well as every YouTube channel are “ranked” based on watch time, which is calculated in total minutes watched. Higher watch time channels and videos are more likely to appear in search results and recommendations.

Probably on your mind is how to increase your viewing stats.

The solution is to design viewing loops.

In order to keep viewers on your channel, a viewing loop encourages them to watch more of your intriguing or pertinent content.

You can make viewing loops in three different ways:

  1. Add end screens, which you can do by including video thumbnails or links near the end of your film.
  2. Add cards: suggested videos that pop up as a banner at the beginning of your video and at any other time.
  3. Make playlists for your videos to help you organise your material and to increase YouTube views to binge watch your films and stay on YouTube longer.

The card bridge technique is a simple way to extend both your session time and your watch time through your viewing loop.

Looking at the audience retention report for one of your videos will help you with this.

Then, when retention declines, place a card that will direct viewers to another comparable video on your channel at that point, lowering the churn rate when viewers might otherwise click away.

The card bridge method will assist in:

  • Retain viewers on your channel.
  • Boost the duration of your other videos’ views.
  • Users should stay online longer so that the YouTube algorithm will reward them.

Grab Readers’ Attention By Publishing at the Right Moments

To find out when your viewers are on YouTube, check the audience report on YouTube. TubeBuddy also offers a tool that tracks your viewers’ watch times.

Use YouTube statistics to determine when your target audience is most likely to be watching videos.

Instead of releasing your video during the peak, you should do so one hour beforehand to allow viewers time to explore other videos on your channel.

Alternately, if your report doesn’t have enough views, adhere to these general rules.

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