Video Promotion On YouTube With The Help Of Facebook
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Video Promotion On YouTube With The Help Of Facebook

If you’re looking for some of the best and most effective ways for video promotion on YouTube to promote your YouTube channel using Facebook, you’ve come to the perfect place.

Interactions to Closing

By studying your statistics and when your audience often browses the web, you can stay up with them regarding your posts and how frequently you make them. Yet, it’s also crucial to engage with them.

A simple “thank you” or a thumbs-up makes all the difference in the world when you respond to their comments.

In reality, YouTube examines this kind of activity when it comes for video promotion on YouTube or to ranking your videos.

How well your content ranks in the search results or whether or not it appears in the featured videos section is significantly influenced by the number of comments, likes, and shares that your videos have on the site.

Here, on YouTube, it is explicitly stated. (Taken from lessons at Creators Academy)

And how do you suppose they gauge audience engagement?

It will be a lot simpler for you to rank and attract more viewers through video promotion on YouTube using Facebook, and therefore subscribers. If you build up that engagement and involvement on Facebook first before attempting to do the same on YouTube. Then it will help for video promotion on YouTube.

As I’ve already shown, shares, likes, and comments are highly valued on both sites.

Keep in mind that those three key elements have the power to make or break the success of your videos and upcoming posts as you develop your marketing plan to increase visibility.


Engaging with your fans and, of course, producing excellent and great quality content are two ways for video promotion on YouTube and to increase the number of likes and comments on your posts.

A Good Fan Page

A strong and consistent design is one thing that most people frequently underrate.

Make an effort to make your Facebook fan page a solid match that complements your YouTube channel while being distinct from it.

When building your fan page, you should concentrate on two things.

First, ensure that your Facebook fan page and YouTube channel have similar branding.

Set up a presentation video to show your viewers what they can expect from your page and use the same colours and logo.

You can look at some excellent examples for video promotion on YouTube, such as the Skittles fan page, which frequently runs awesome contests to raise customer awareness, or perhaps the Zappos or L.L. Bean page, to get ideas for branding and design.

Also, Nutella excels at retaining its audience’s interest.

So, if you want to see how some of the most well-known YouTube stars in the world build and maintain their fan pages, you should take a short look at Jenna Marble’s Page or perhaps Jacksepticeye’s Page and see how they direct traffic from their pages to their channels.

Have a plan, schedule a few posts or videos that are specifically targeted at your Facebook audience. And then use those to prime them for a pitch about your YouTube channel. It’s a good strategy for video promotion on YouTube.

Also, Facebook Pages have a Call-to-Action button. That may be activated to prompt visitors to perform one of several different actions. For example, you might ask them to subscribe to your email list. So that you can later inform them if a new video is released. It is one of the best ways to get views on YouTube.

With Facebook Insights, you can also determine the demographics of those who clicked the button as well as whether they originated from a desktop computer or a smartphone. Awesome, huh?

  • Having a beautiful Fan Page offers a lot of advantages.
  • an infinite number of friends.
  • If you like, you can keep it a secret.
  • As it is indexed, you will be able to show up in search engine results.
  • You receive Facebook Insights to measure your data, as I’ve previously said.
  • Because Facebook wants to keep users on the network, advertising is more effective.
  • It is totally free!

Facebook Groups Technique

You have a fantastic Fan Page and know how to use Facebook Live to promote your content and draw in more people for your channel. Then there will be no problem for video promotion on YouTube.

Also, you are aware of Facebook Insight and are aware of the significance of increasing audience interaction for improved ranking.

It’s time to implement a Facebook group strategy that will advance your brand’s or channel’s promotion.

Your content should always be beneficial to the audience in some way, or at the very least amusing enough to entice them to revisit it or recommend it to their friends. So do focus on your content when you want to do video promotion on YouTube.

Remember that for this strategy to work, you must have patience and establish a solid reputation within the organization you’ve just joined.

Why You Should Join a Facebook Group

  • You’ll have a more intimate encounter, which will increase engagement.
  • Your calls to action (CTAs) will receive more careful consideration.
  • instantaneous feedback and networking.
  • a carefully chosen audience with a shared interest in the subjects.
  • By offering tremendous value, you can quickly earn someone’s confidence.

Don’t Discount Paid Advertising

Last but not least, think about eventually paying for some advertisements for being able to do video promotion on YouTube.

When it comes to targeting individuals and grabbing their attention, Facebook performs an excellent job. Because it gives you amazing capabilities you can use.

If you want to immediately raise the performance of your content to the next level. Then there are a few aspects of this method that you simply cannot afford to neglect.

According to Nielsen statistics, people use Facebook for about 35 minutes each day. The majority of them are using mobile devices.

In fact, one of the main drivers of Facebook Advertising performance and effectiveness is the video format.

Marketing your Facebook page is much more effective and strong. Simply because the business wants to maintain as high of an audience retention rate as possible.

With information obtained from the platform itself, you can quickly put up a campaign using the Insights tools. Then target your audience with extreme precision for video promotion on YouTube.

You’ll discover that for a really low cost. You can quickly grow your fan base and acquire the exposure you want in a matter of hours.

Remember that this is not a long-term solution. You still need to give your audience a lot of value and interact with them frequently.

However, if you want to do video promotion on YouTube, this is a terrific way to achieve it!

A Conclusion

A few final ideas on leveraging Facebook to increase YouTube channel views and subscribers.

Whether it’s on Facebook or on any other social media site you can think of. In the comments of any YouTube videos you post, , you must always stay in touch with your audience.

Make your audience members participants in your content.

More effectively you can relate to them in this way. It will give you better chances of success for video promotion on YouTube. Just like that.

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