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Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe When Fencing or Playing Outside

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1. What should I do if I see my dog breaking the rules and getting into trouble? 

If you see your dog breaking the rules and getting into trouble, first make sure you are following all of the rules yourself. If you are not following the rules, then your dog is likely breaking them because you are not enforcing them. Then, if you feel that your dog is genuinely in danger, then it is important to take action. 

2. How do I make sure my dog doesn’t get out when Im not around? 

Some tips on how to make sure your dog doesn’t get out when you do not around include: training your dog properly, setting guidelines for when and where your dog can go, and using a leash when outside. 

3. What are some common dog accidents that can happen when fencing or playing outside? 

One common accident that can happen when fencing or playing outside is a dog getting its head stuck between the fence and the ground. Other accidents that can occur include a dog getting their paw stuck in a fence hole, or being pulled into a pond by a leash. 


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