What Are the Five Basic Skills that Every SOC Analyst Needs to Have?

The security operations centre is an important component in the wake of ever-evolving cyber crimes. If you plan to undertake a SOC analyst course, then this blog is for you. Companies are required to envision or build new SOC teams before they are victims of cyberattacks to avoid financial and reputational damage.   

Skills Required for SOC Analysts

The five important skills that SOC analysts need to master to succeed in the cybersecurity industry are as follows:

  • Programming skills 

Though it is well-known that cybersecurity experts need to demonstrate proficiency in technical skills to adapt to the constantly changing threat landscape, they need to know programming languages. SOC analysts often need to work with security experts and engineers to devise plans for cyber threats. 

Coding and programming skills are important for this job, and you need to have good knowledge of JavaScript, C++ and Python to improve the chances for those looking to pursue careers as SOC analysts. 

  • Sound fundamental skills 

Though an SEO analyst needs to understand network systems, protocols, and IT infrastructure, they also need knowledge of attack methods and vectors. Employers worldwide highly value people with sound technical and rapid threat mitigation skills.

Aas technology solutions are evolving fast, SEO analysts also need to learn to adapt to these changes quickly. Most analysts show great critical thinking skills and apply methods that are more than just textbook knowledge for dealing with cyber threats. 

  • Communication and collaboration

Before you have decided to pursue a SOC analyst course, you need to know that these analysts work closely with their team, and they have the ability to share information with all the team members effectively. 

Soft skills such as emotional intelligence, motivation, empathy and the will to accomplish difficult tasks are important traits in SOC analysts. They need to know how to manage IOC alerts and incident defence tools and resolve significant security breaches to keep everyone updated. 

  • Ethical hacking skills 

SOC analysts need to show ethical hacking and pen testing skills to detect, identify and solve threats. Pen testing is an essential skill that can test the vulnerability of systems, networks, and web applications and respond to anomalies in a system.  

  • Incident handling and documentation 

Incident handling and response measures are mostly unpredictable, and SOC analysts need to devise proper data backup and maintain recovery plans. They need to report incidents to the main stakeholders in an organization and address security problems; these are part of their duties. 

They are also responsible for documenting incidents, breaches in data and other activities that are conducted in networks. They also help managers optimize security budgets and help companies determine cybersecurity standards for future protection. 

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