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what you throw away and what you don’t

To minimize waste, you must be conscious of what you throw away and what you don’t. When we have food leftovers, for instance, we should consider what else we could do with the extra food. For instance, you could freeze the food and use the leftovers later. The same applies to clothes. If you have extra clothes, you can use them as dust rags.

Refuse: Refuse is defined as to refuse to use something or to reject using something. It is important to learn how to refuse unwanted items that you don’t need zero waste grocery and that you don’t want to use anymore. You can get rid of the unwanted items by donating them.

Reduce: Reducing means to decrease or reduce. You should do as much as possible to minimize your own consumption. You should try to use only what you really need and avoid buying more than you need.

Repurpose: Repurposing is to make something new and useful. This is a good way to turn something old into something useful. For example, old clothes can be used as cleaning rags or baby clothes. You can repurpose your old toys to make new things, such as toy cars.

Recycle: Recycling is defined as to recycle.

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