Why an India VPS server is the best option for your company

Onlive Server provides affordable India VPS servers with a variety of features. We provide VPS servers for India with control panels and all free applications. Our hosting servers offer performance that unmatched in the market and are built on cutting-edge technologies. 100% of the servers devoted to you, your company, and your website.

A full selection of hosting options offered by Over Business, including shared hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated server, and cloud computing services. We also provide a support ticket management system and round-the-clock assistance. We are here to assist you right away if you are having any problems with your account. Our crew is always available to help you complete your work efficiently and without fuss.

What is a VPS server for India?

A virtual private server called an India VPS Server operates in your data center. It is comparable to a physical server that dedicated and accessible from anywhere in the world. Let’s imagine you have five persons working on your project, and everyone can utilize full resources without harming other users because multiple users share the virtual server’s resources.

Why Choose for an India VPS Server with Onlive Server?

Over Business provides VPS servers with all adjustable features at the most affordable price? It provides you with the freedom to handle your server as needed and desired. We give customers excellent services and simple-to-use interfaces that make managing their servers easier. Because of the many years of expertise our staff has in offering high-quality services, you can be confident that we will be there for you no matter what issue you may encounter.


One advantage of a virtual private server is:
As the server is housed on a remote server that is constantly watched by our staff, there no need to worry about hardware failure or upgrades.
There no limit to your service because all the resources offered on a single server, and you may scale it if necessary.
With our VPS hosting package, you may host multiple websites on a single IP address and manage each one separately from a single interface by using multiple domains.
To improve the performance and speed of the web server and database server, as well as the caching feature, which will assist to reduce the load time while browsing your site from different devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc., we offer free SSD space to all of our clients.
Our System’s Operation

Our server set up to give our customers the best possible service. There is zero risk of any virus or malware getting onto your account because of how safe our system is. Your server’s data will protected from any hacker intrusions.

Before deciding to buy a new server from us, we’ve offered you a free trial period of one month. You have a month to use our servers at no charge. If you pleased with our services, we request payment via PayPal or a credit card (if available).

Cheap VPS Server

It is among the best and most reasonably priced hosting services for your company’s requirements. The business offers its customers a wide range of features and services. You may work effectively and trouble-free from anywhere in the world thanks to its dependable servers. With this top web hosting package, you may host your website at any location in India.

Your server is entirely under your control


We provide VPS servers with all flexible features for the best possible price. You have the option to change the operating system, software, and game packages – Spacebar Clicker, as well as to select a dedicated IP address and reseller hosting. Your server is entirely under your control.

Also, we provide full root access for our VPS servers. Because our servers are in India, you can play online games without interruptions.

Superior SSD Driver

High-quality SSD drivers have installed on all of the servers. A 120 GB SSD is used to extend a separate RAID 1 protected disk on which the drives mounted. As a result, the server will always have enough room for the operating system and crucial information. Any operating system, including Linux, Windows, and MacOS, can installed on the server.

Quick boot up

In a little under ten seconds, the server boots. In the event of a network or power interruption, it will restart itself automatically. Also, it has an integrated UPS that safeguards your data from power outages while it is in use.


When you have more resources, there will be more users. It is impossible to support so many users at once on a low-end server. According to your needs, you can increase the number of machines. The best thing is that if you wish to switch from one server to another inside the same network, we provide a free server transfer and migration service.


We give our customers the freedom to select the location, operating system, and web hosting package that best suits their needs. There is no need to worry about anything because we also provide tailored help for every inquiry regarding our services or products!

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