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Why Closing a Toilet Lid is Important Before Flushing the Toilet?

Almost all new toilets come with a lid that you can close as necessary. But do you close it before flushing the toilet? A recent study reveals that almost 55% of people in the UK don’t do it despite nearly 75% believing they are hygienically aware and giving hygiene a top priority. But what kind of hygiene problem does it create? And why it is important to close the lid before flushing the toilet. We are going to discuss what experts have to say about it. 

What Happens When You Don’t Close the Lid Before Flushing the Toilet?

Modern Toilet or new toilets come with a powerful flush system. That means when you flush the toilet; its power aerosolizes the water particles from the bowl. These tiny water droplets can disperse in the air up to six feet. So, whatever is inside the bowl has the ability to spread out across the bathroom easily. That makes it possible that bacteria or viruses inside it may infect other people using the toilet.

It can be particularly problematic if you live with other people and share the same bathroom. If that’s the case, you may already have exposure to fine faecal patina from one another. But for experts, having such exposure is not a big problem. It is harmless and often beneficial for developing immunity. 

How Can Toilet Plumes Spread Diseases?

Once a new toilet with a powerful flushing system is flushed, there are thousands of tiny particles dispersed through the air. Various research in the past indicates that some of the aerosols may remain in the air current for a long time and, if contaminated with a disease-causing germ, may transfer from an infected person to a healthy one. That means such droplets may have a contributory role in the spread of diseases. But how much should you worry about it? Experts believe it is good to be cautious, especially in the times of COVID-19. There is no need to be concerned if you are not living with multiple people or someone amongst you people living together is sick. 

Not Everyone Exposed to Contaminated Toilet Plume Catches Infection. 

The biggest risk comes from the people who are sick and has some illness that is contagious. For example, a Diarrhea may be caused by a bacterium or a virus. When expelled in a toilet bowl, it may end up on the toilet flush button-through hands or reaches to toothbrush, sink tap handles, or any similar space when a second person touches that and mouth transfer inside.  

It is important to note that when multiple people share a bathroom, they are already sharing microbes which will not be a concern. However, once there are germs that can cause diseases may infect others too. Another thing to be worried about it may be that we never know when someone becomes sick, as many of us may have diseases without any major signs or symptoms. 

So, while keeping all above-discussed things in mind, will closing the toilet lid before flushing is good practice? Thankfully yes, and everyone should do it. 

So, Closing the Toilet Lid Before Flushing is Recommended But….

It is good practice that everyone should follow to keep the risk of spreading communicable diseases at a minimal level. There is much research that backs this idea. Although toilet lids are not airtight, with new toilet fitted with powerful flushing, there will be up to 12 times lower risk of spreading contaminated aerosols. 

But closing the lid is not enough if you live in a house with a shared bathroom. There are other hygienic practices that are even more important. Almost every one of us is being told to wash our hands and not to touch our faces. It is what should be our priority. The route of germs transmission to our mouth passes through our hands, and if we can wash our hands regularly, the risk of getting sick can be minimized. In addition, experts emphasize keeping the bathroom clean as much as possible to minimize the risk of spreading communal diseases. 

Final Thoughts. 

Experts seem fully support the idea of closing the lid before flushing it to minimize the spread of diseases, which can become even more important if you share a bathroom with others. However, it is the one part of the story and is not the only practice you should be following. Keeping your bathroom clean and washing your hand is even more important.

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